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Uniting skilled technicians across the absolute spectrum of turbo-machinery, rotating and interconnected equipment, that formulate your Rotation Solutions Team.

We are a team of specialists, with years of engineering and trade experience. Our backgrounds include in Oil & Gas, Marine, Aviation, Power Generation and Mining industries, offering:

  • Turbo-machinery & Gas Turbine Technicians.
  • Rotating Equipment & Mechanical Engineers.
  • Flange Management Specialists.
  • Instrument & Electrical Technicians
  • Control, Instrument & Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Fitters

Our comprehensive range of expertise can provide tailored management solutions where Safety, Quality, Cost Efficiency, and Equipment Reliability & Availability are maximised.

  • Control logic & equipment monitoring.
  • Maintenance planning for routine servicing.
  • Production & Ancillary Systems management.
  • Work scope development.

Need further support? We provide new technology, applications, and equipment troubleshooting. This ensures the integrity of your workplace and optimises your routine operations substantially.

  • Equipment operation diagnosis.
  • Flange integrity.
  • Dry-gas seal system diagnostics.
  • Flange management solutions software.

Do you value transparency and accountability as a core requirement of your team? We believe it is a vital requirement for our team to “own” the project and generate repeatable results, which is why we have developed a complete project software package that is used for planning, execution and closeout. This gives you access to login, view and use the data, anywhere, at anytime, specific to:

  • Complete scope planning development ahead of the team mobilising.
  • Live project work scope progression, as it is happening onsite, complete with images, comments and recommendations.
  • Facility, machine and project issues/defects defined over time.
  • Completed reports, available on demand, from any device, at any location, with all the data outlined – no exceptions.
Our Capabilities Include


Centrifugal Compressors



Heavy Duty

Maintenance & Optimisation

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Dane Balle

Managing Director

“We have a good sense of fulfilment knowing what minds we have attracted. We have Technicians, Engineers, Software Engineers, Digital Designers and they’re all coming together with this ambition to make a dent and a change in the Oil & Energy sector.”
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