About Us


Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions to rotating equipment for facilities around the world, through a world class service experience and industry-leading technology. 

We achieve this by promising our customers that we will always:

  • CARE – We treat your equipment like we own it.
  • COMMIT – When we’re onsite we’re working.
  • CONNECT – Users to remote machines & project.
Why Choose Us

With extensive experience in the Australian Oil & Energy industry, we provide an end-to-end service that is powered by technology, for end-user’s critical Solar Turbines & GE machinery.

We strive to deliver a stand-out service beyond labour hire. By pairing talented people with the latest specialist tooling and a proven-process for rotating equipment projects, our team revolutionises service delivery. 

The Team

Headshot - Dane Balle

Dane Balle

Director & Specialist

Gas Turbine Specialist with GE and Solar Turbines equipment.
Creating a culture for innovation. Bringing together an accountable and resilient team.



Headshot - Thorne

Steven Thorne

Services Lead

Steve is a Rotating Equipment authority with extensive experience in controls, I&E and mechanical systems.

He is also a Solar Turbines specialist with a proven track record of project delivery.

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Craig Johnson

Engineered Solutions

Mechanical Engineer with substantial experience in the O&G, mining and resources sector. Specialist in production critical rotating equipment parts, spares & project delivery.




Steve Vajas

Director & Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with Rotating Equipment foundation. Has a proven history of leading teams to safe, on-time, on-budget and incident free project delivery.



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Tanner Lauina

RE Technician

Gas Turbine Technician trained in a GE licence depot with an in-depth knowledge of aero-derivative gas turbines.

Skilled in scope development, customer support and on-site execution.


Josip Rados – Project Lead at Rotation Solutions

Josip Rados

Mechanical Engineer

Jos has an Engineering degree with a motorsports focus. 

He is a skilled technician and is quickly honing his ability around turbo-machinery operations and planning. 

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Jake Konsolis – Project Lead

Jake Konsolis

Mechanical Engineer

Jake is a Mechanical Engineer with strong experience in controls.

He is skilled in hands-on site work alongside project management for multiple machinery types and configurations. 

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Emma Douglas

Administration & Finance

Emma is a customer service & and administration professional with proven experience in B2B positions. 

She is driven and passionate, with great attention to detail.

Read Emma’s Full Story.

Mark Wickramasinghe – Mechanical Engineer

Mark Wickramasinghe

Mechanical Engineer

Mark is a Masters qualified Mechanical Engineer with experience in Rotating Equipment and Asset Management across the resources sector.

He brings high energy and attention to detail to his role with RS.

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Headshot - S.South

Stephen South

GE Gas Turbine Specialist

An Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Specialist with extensive experience in various roles worldwide.  A sound technical knowledge and hands on expertise in GE Gas Turbine applications and their supporting systems in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Marine and Aviation industries.

Mike Roe – Mechanical Engineer

Michael Roe

Principal Engineer

Mike is a renowned rotating equipment, project & maintenance engineer.

He has a wealth of experience spanning the oil & gas, LNG, gas transmission, minerals and power generation sectors.

Read Mike’s full story.


Headshot - Corey Kemp - White Background - Resized

Corey Kemp

RE Technician

Aviation trained gas turbine specialist, applying his skill set to aero-derivative and light industrial gas turbines and centrifugal compressors

Jagai Surajsingh

RE Technician

An aircraft mechanical maintenance engineer, with gas turbine overhaul depot experience on CF6-80 aero engines

Gareth Evans

RE Technician

Aviation trained rotating equipment specialist. Years of experience and proven results in the LNG & Power Gen Industries