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Over the short time since Rotation Solutions was conceptualized we have done a range of projects for various clients around Australia and even some scopes of work internationally. We are currently publishing our project history so you know what we have done for our clients. Keep an eye out.

Our Customer base has rapidly grown over the past two years. If you are reading this far, we are very grateful. If you share our values, want to see quality outcomes in the field and keeping machinery rotating. We hope for you to become one of customers or a team members in the future.

Speak soon!

Best Regards,

Dane Balle & Steve Vajas

Dane Balle

Dane Balle

Founder and Managing Director of Rotation Solutions.
Creating a culture of innovation and industry disruption.
Building an accountable and resilient team in the workplace.

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Rotation Solutions

We have one goal. Safely improve the availability and reliability of machinery for our client’s.

We achieve this by:

  • Being TRANSPARENT in our operations
  • INCIDENT-FREE project delivery

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